I had my first camera at the age of 17 years old. It wasn’t analog, it was a digital one, and it hasn’t had the charm that is usually been told about the first camera. But it was enough for understanding that I’m enjoying photography, I’m enjoying sitting hours editing my photos and showing them afterwards.
Almost 10 years after , I was graduating the photography department at The NB Haifa School Of Design in Israel. It was four years of studying, learning, exploring everything I could about photography, its history and its presence in a space.
Right away I become an independent photographer and since then photography is inseparable part of who I am, what I do, and how I see the world around me.
Commercial photographery, lifestyle photographery, products, food, weddings , I did it all.
But something lack what my true heart desires until now… All I truly want is creating a connection between art and fashion, beauty and portraits, using my camera and my creativity.
Inspired by the renaissance art & architecture, film & analog, epic romantic movies, haute couture, and romantic style.
Moved by great food (!), French pastry, , Music that makes me the chill.
My super duper drive: my husband, bu
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